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 Published on Dec 14, 2016 by

Debra A.

With the increasing traffic on road, car accidents are quite common. Many of these accidents leave people badly hurt, or in the worst cases they are even killed. Accidents always involve two parties, in which one is responsible for the accident. The victim of the accident can file a lawsuit and claim compensation. Filing a lawsuit requires the help of a car accident attorney in order to manage their case. An attorney is needed by both the parties to continue with their case.

Causes of accidents

There could be many reasons behind an accident. One may be negligent driving or driving being distracted on road due to various reasons like while taking a phone call, texting or reading and other activities. In fact, distracted driving has been noted as one of the most common reasons of car accidents.

Accidents also happen when drivers violate the traffic laws and hit a car coming from an opposite direction or another turning car. Accidents also happen when a road is in bad shape or not labeled correctly. Bad weather or rash driving are other major reasons behind a car accident. Drivers who are tired after long hours of driving may also be involved in some kind of an accident.

An attorney helps in proving negligence

An attorney car accident Santa Rosa is the one who helps the victim in several ways. In several cases, the person involved in an accident or hit by a car is not at fault. The victim has to prove the negligence of the other person in order to claim compensation for their loss. This could be a hard thing to do and involve a number of things, starting from collecting accident records from police station to gather testimonials from eyewitnesses and so many other things. All these things have to be presented to the judge to prove the negligence of the person or parties involved. An attorney helps with all the above mentioned things and ensures complete peace of mind of their client.

Claiming compensation

The case is all about filing a compensation claim and to seek monetary help for the losses incurred during or after the accident. For instance, the person involved in the accident has to pay the medical bills, withstand losses due to the income they missed while recovering from the accident, car repair costs, and so on. A personal injury attorney Sonoma County ensures that their clients get compensated fairly and receive all the monetary help they need to recover from losses.

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